Jamel McDuffie-Watson, DS, PA

Dr. Jamel McDuffie is a native of Durham, NC. She earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Howard University in Washington, DC.

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Dentist - Durham

6104 Fayetteville Rd. Ste 107
Durham, NC 27713
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With Mini Dental Implants you can have your missing teeth replaced simply and affordably in one treatment visit.


Replace a few teeth instantly!

With Mini Dental Implants Dr. McDuffie can provide you with a simple, gentle, non-surgical procedure to replace your missing teeth.  Restore the attractiveness of your smile at a much lower cost than larger older style implants.   Smile with confidence in one short visit!

Can you bite in to an apple?

Stabilize your Dentures Instantly!

In one short visit you can stabilize your loose uncomfortable dentures at an affordable price.  Throw away your messy denture adhesives.  With mini dental implants you will enjoy comfort and confidence again.  Why Wait?  Turn your dreams of a more comfortable and attractive smile into a beautiful reality!  Enjoy eating again with a simple, gentle, non-surgical procedure and avoid the long healing times and high costs typically associated with larger older style implants.

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